We supply high quality aluminium shelving to the mushroom industry worldwide. 

Mushroom shelving

Our aluminium shelving is manufactured to the highest standard, with no compromise on quality. 


Shelving comes in a range of specifications to suit your house and your needs. 


View our gallery for more images and information on the shelving we can supply. 

JF McKenna build state-of-the-art farm at G's farm


JF McKenna recently built the state of the art G's Growers farm near Littleport. The build consists of 48 growing tunnels. Each tunnel is filled with fresh compost and emptied after 40 days, once the compost has produced three crops of mushrooms.

A 2.5 megawatt anaerobic digestion plant is adjacent to the mushroom farm to provide renewable energy to power the facility, which will use organic waste from the companies' crop growing operations in the area.